Jess + Jared

June 25, 2022

Jared and Jess  mean a whole lot to me. If you follow me, you know Kaitlin, my second shooter, and you know that in 2016 she actually was a bride of mine. Kaitlin was in this wedding so it was weird to have her around but not as someone to hold my polaroids [lol]. Her brother, Jared, was the groom in this wedding, and every time I get to photograph this family it feels like my own family reunion. 

I have gotten to know both Jess and Jared individually and as a couple. Getting to know them both, the depth of their hearts and the history of their lives only made it that much more special to document. Through our highs and lows, the people we choose help us through it all. Mads is Jess’s daughter and was such a special part of this day. I couldn’t have been more honored to photograph it, and I seriously love every image captured. I photographed a roll of film at this wedding too [I do it on special occasion and am thinking about adding it to my packages, but it’s more so fun to do it without the pressure of return], which I will be adding to this once it’s all developed.

Thanks for having me, and letting me document these special moments for you. <3 

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