Diana + Andy

August 28, 2022

Diana and Andy got married on a beautiful Sunday surrounded by so many family and friends. To say I cried a few times at this wedding is an understatement. I am an artist that is quite good at separating where I am at and emotions in a day. In fact, I absolutely cannot relate to other people when they say they cry behind the camera routinely.. I just simply don’t. Im really good at disassociating and doing my job and feeling the feels later on. It’s how I photographed some of my last family moments in the hospital and it’s how I routinely photograph grief. 

However this wedding was just SO full of culture, diversity and all of it was just so dang beautiful. There were dancers preforming African Dances, there were celebration cheers, there was many heartfelt speeches. Overall I am so honored to be apart of this day <3 Here are some of my favorite images.

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