Tricia + Will

October 22, 2022

Tricia is someone who I have known for years. We met in middle school/ high school but ironically weren’t really friends until after college. Life is so funny and unexpected in the way we change, grow, and mold to be different people that suit others at a later time.  I do fully believe that sometimes we know or meet the right people at the wrong time, and if they are supposed to be in our lives they’ll reappear when the time in right. 

Tricia and Will have been together for awhile. I’ve gotten to watch their relationship grow, saw them endure loss and gain, and haven’t really known Tricia without Will. Their wedding was as perfect as I thought it would be. From including their dogs, thinking of the guests’ pets in their take-home gifts, bringing in a food truck for food and dancing the night away to 90s and 2000s hits – this day was an honor to be apart of [and fun to stay after I was done to take over the playlist with Taylor Swift lol].

Here is a snippet of my favorite images from the day


Location: Wildwood Family Farms – Alto, MI
Dress: Jenna in White
Catering: StreetChefShaw
Desserts: Nantucket
Wedding Planner: Kailin Degenfelder – The Vision Details
DJ: Moments In Time Disc Jockeys
Hair/Makeup: EV Artistry
Video: G & L Videography

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