Kayla + Ricky

October 28, 2022

Kayla and Ricky. My people. This wedding happened at the Rutledge Downtown Grand Rapids. I knew I loved these two the moment they requested some weird 80s art for their engagement session. There are so many special things to know about these people but they are my people through and through. Kayla is kind, caring, and talented as hell. Ricky is so sweet, considerate, and a bunch of fun. They decided to have a more non-traditional look at a wedding.
Kayla MADE her own gown as well as her daughters, and they made them black in the spirit of Halloween. Everything was so damn special and absolutely my dream to photograph. The dresses Kayla made were insanely perfect and the vibes of this wedding were nothing but romantic and unique.


Catering: Maddalena’s
Florals: Stems Florist
Dresses/Bowties: Revelry
Dress: Hand Made by Kayla

Here are my favorite images –
Kayla and Ricky requested spooky vibes and that’s what we did

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