Jimmy and Lucy

Sep 30, 2023

Lucy and Jimmy had the sweetest wedding date – that included all of their favorite people and just represented everything they are. I got to meet these two right after COVID. We met in their apartment and I photographed them so freely in their place of living to show the genuine moments of their relationship. When they got engaged I got to do another 2 shoots for them to really show the personal moments of how they meet, and encapsulate every aspect of ‘them.’ It has been such an honor to follow these two around and learn more about them every time I see them. Their wedding further advanced this personal aspect for me. I loved every moment.

Here is their story in images:


Goei Center
True Society – designer is Stella York
KJ Catering
Rise Authentic Bakery / Crumbl Cookies
Eastern Floral
Cheeky Strut
PJ da DJ [amazing]
Some images taken at Vertigo Records Store <3