Cassi + Tom

“I played high school sports with Ashley, sang in the choir, and watched her graduate. I watched her evolve into the photographer she is today, and I was STILL surprised at the photos that have been posted so far. Each and every one gives me goose bumps and takes me back to the exact moment of the photograph. I felt so comfortable having her around me all day, and she made me feel absolutely beautiful. She even got the guys to smile and tamed a crowd of CrossFit athletes to get the perfect picture for me. If anything, I feel that I got far more than what I paid for. As someone who tends to be extremely timid (especially at the other end of the camera), Ashley did a perfect job capturing every moment of our big day and getting me out of my shell. I am nothing short of amazed at what she’s done so far, and I will continue refreshing her page for weeks to come just to get a sneak peek of our photos. THANK YOU ASHLEY. SO MUCH. You’re perfect

Cassi + Tom_0112.jpg