Glenna + Chuck

“The world of weddings and all the crazy that come along with it, not exactly my thing. Lobbied for a tiny destination wedding and ended up with a wedding party of 16. Walking into this circus felt like, that. Walking away and looking back, I remember how natural it felt to be in front of Paige’s camera. It actually felt like we were supposed to be in front of a gaggle of strangers, spilling our emotions into thin air. Crazy thing, we felt almost invisible to the world, just us and Paige. We worked with her for our engagement, as well as our wedding photo’s and it allowed us to establish a relationship months prior. Also, got a second shooter for the wedding (Sam, so fun and excellent job as well!!). Before our first shoot Paige painted us a picture, then designed and directed, captured and delivered the most amazing images of our lives. She is so good, she see’s everything you can’t, anticipates the perfect time to shutter, and frames these moments in something vastly more artistic than you could imagine. Last night, we looked at all of the wedding images for the first time and they brought back ALL of the moments and so many emotions. Her style is necessary, her direction is subtle, her signature is artistic and her business is very professional. Would we recommend Paige? One hundred times over.”