Michelle + Jessie

“I remember when I first got engaged I started looking for photographers and a friend reccommended Paige. I looked at her work and knew it would be a good fit and was so excited when she was available for my wedding date. She IS the best photographer around. She knows how to bring out the best in people and capture it with knowing you for less than 10 minutes. No schooling or special camera can teach someone the art that she has naturally. She was there to remind me of the pictures I would want later on when I was over taking pictures with family and ready to start dancing at the reception and made sure I always had a glass of wine when I was busy walking around thanking everyone for being there. I’m pretty sure at one point she was adopted into my family, thats how much we loved having her there. Feeling like a bride is so important and she made me feel like I truly was the most beautiful bride in the entire world. Her and Sam worked flawlessly together and really complimented eachothers personality and skill. Any time I have talked to someone about our wedding they always bring up how amazing she was and I have no response besides “she really is” (otherwise I would go on a tangent like I am now). She’s personal, down to earth and professional. I could go on and on about how everyone should use her as a photographer but if you don’t its truly your loss.”

M + J_1292