August 06, 2016

When I first met these two for their engagement session, it involved a park, their dog Holly, and champagne in the woods.
I couldn’t find a more perfect match with my style.
When people email me, asking for wedding photography,
my first hope is that they have seen my work – and just love it.
Because when you are photographing someone who just loves your work,
and know what you are capable of?
Well, it just makes it that more enjoyable.
To the brides out there seeking a photographer
If you find someone – who you just love – personally, and their images they create.
If you find someone who you feel like you don’t have to guide about your day
Book them.
Don’t look for someone asking them if they can do a certain style –
book someone who does that style.
That is Tess and Brian.
The most compliment giving people.
The people that make your job so easy, because they trust you.
These two are so, incredibly in love with one another, it’s just insane.
And that’s what they did for me.
They made my day so freaking easy, because I didn’t even have to create emotion – it was already there.
Their photographs are beautiful – and as I reformatted a few to show all of you, I just relived that easy going, simplistically beautiful day.
And I hope you do to.
Vendors: Botanical Gardens of Traverse City
Dress: Here Comes the Dress
Band is a local band From Traverse City
I didn’t catch the name of the man who did all of the florals but he was so incredibly talented – and from the Traverse area… so.. TO BE POSTED. I will find out.