Cameron + Christa

November 9, 2018 I met Christa at Launch Salon, when she began her journey working there for one of my very good friends. I photographed her for Launch’s website and social media [things I do often], and instantly loved how kind, warm and personal she was. I heard she was getting married but had no… Read More

Tommy + Anna

June 14, 2018. I met these two downtown Holland on one of the most beautiful nights of June. These two are radiant, and so fun to be around. Their wedding is happening in the winter on a Sunday, so I should have known how chill they were going to be. They let me do all… Read More

Kaitlin + Kasey

Kasey + Kaitlin Oct 8, 2016 These two are a dream team. Everything about their wedding was everything I ever wanted (haha). They had craft beer, popcorn, guacamole, tacos, and a whole lot of fun people. Every wedding is unique. Every wedding has different feelings and decorations. Every wedding this year for me, has been… Read More

Holly + Nick

I met these two on a BEAUTIFUL Friday afternoon in Detroit, at the Ford House. I completely didn’t realize who they were until I met them that day. I photographed Nick’s cousins wedding earlier this year and when I saw their faces it was a pleasant surprise. These two are just the cutest. For sure.

Victoria + Jake

Lately, all of my clients have felt like close friends that I haven’t been able to see in some time. Victoria and Jake were so stinkin’ natural. They came to me for photography after they had saw some of my images I had taken of Jake’s sister and her new husband. I’m so stinkin’ happy… Read More

AJ + Andrew

September 10, 2016 Holy BFF. I met Andrew and Aj for the first time, awhile back, VIA skype. I Instantly found myself pulled to them, but didn’t get to spend enough time with them to discover why, exactly. So officially, I met them both, for the first time in person on their wedding day. First… Read More

Hannah + James

OH THESE TWO. We met on a Friday night and I fell in love with these two. I am seriously SO PUMPED for my year next year. I cannot believe I am already booked for the entire year. And it’s couples like this couple that make me so excited.

Sjonne’ + Drew

September 3, 2016 OH THESE TWO. This day was so relaxing, so enjoyable, and beyond beautiful. Sjonne’ and Drew had a large crew that provided them with laughter, love and full support on their wedding day. The day was beyond beautiful, filled with a simplistic, rustic and memorable venue. I almost cried when Sjonne’ put… Read More

Karlee + Marc

Sep 2, 2016 These two had the most beautiful, relaxed and fun day. A day full of complete adoration, love, and fun. I wish you both the best as you move forward in your new journey together! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect and fitting day for you both.

Lisa + Habeeb

These two came out the the west side to photograph near the beach one afternoon. I was so happy to meet them prior to a wedding I photographed this past weekend that Lisa was actually in! These two were a breeze to photograph, and I found I meshed with them as people pretty stinkin’ well… Read More

Heather + Nate

I drove over to the East side of the state to meet two beautiful people for their engagement session. Next year I have the honor of photographing their wedding, along with Heather’s sister and HER wedding next year as well. Let’s just say, I’m going to get super close with her family. 😉 These two… Read More

Cassi + Tom

August 19, 2016 You know what’s cool? Growing up with people, letting distance separate you, and then reuniting with people on one of the most memorable days of their life. That’s stinkin’ cool. And that’s what happened to me when I was asked to photograph Cassi + Tom on their wedding day. I grew up… Read More

Tess + Brian

August 06, 2016 Man. When I first met these two for their engagement session, it involved a park, their dog Holly, and champagne in the woods. I couldn’t find a more perfect match with my style. When people email me, asking for wedding photography, my first hope is that they have seen my work –… Read More