September 10, 2016

Holy BFF.
I met Andrew and Aj for the first time, awhile back, VIA skype. I Instantly found myself pulled to them, but didn’t get to spend enough time with them to discover why, exactly.

So officially, I met them both, for the first time in person on their wedding day.
First of all…
The first thing AJ did was hand kristen and I a gift. A gift that basically said, we are who we are; which is weird. I was instantly taken aback by a gift as I walked in.
Now although it was ‘just a pin,’ it was one of the sweetest things I have ever had the opportunity to have, within the first 4 minutes of meeting someone.

Aj and Andrew make anyone feel super comfortable.
Basically I asked AJ if we could be friends for life.
I felt instantly at home with both of them, with their friends, and with their families.

I see nothing but greatness for you two.
THANK you so much for letting me be such a large role in your day.